Auxano Bytes Ep.2- With Sanjit Singh Randhawa, Managing Director, Bacardi India

Jul 29, 2021

In our episode today, we would be sitting down for a conversation with someone who has more than 3 decades of experience to his credit, our guest today has carved a name for himself in the beverages and spirits space. Mr. Sanjit Singh Randhawa, has been in the beverage and brewery industry for a major part of his corporate life.

During his professional journey he has led cross-functional teams across the globe, and handled functions across accounting, finance, marketing, branding and marketing strategies for both domestic and global scale. 

 When it comes to brand management, his insights and observations can help new-age companies to build brands across industries. In our conversation with him today, we intend to deep dive into his learnings and advice, within this space. 

It's a pleasure to have him with us today at Auxano Bytes- and we look forward to our conversation with him today.

The key highlights of the episode are as follows:

Know more about the Evolution of Alco-Bev - 1:26 - 4:18 

Brand building – Know from the masters - 4:24 - 8:08

Brand Visibility Nuances - 8:09 - 12:22 

Brand Consistency – What is this all about ? - 12:28 - 16:26 

Brand Building for Young Companies - Starting out - 16:30 - 20:30 

Start Early – The only mantra to grow your personal wealth kitty.. Every Coin Counts - 20:41 - 27: 16

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Author(s) :
Sanjit Singh Randhawa   
Swadha Agarwal