Data Annotation: Powering India to the global AI race

Jun 27, 2022

One area of scientific research and innovation that we would like to point out as a key driver of future national competitiveness is artificial intelligence.

If I tell you that there is a technology that the entire  world looks up to India for, what would your response be?

“Data Annotation” it is..!

Let’s Know more about it!

What is data annotation?

Data annotation is the process by which particular data is  labeled so that a machine can understand the material inputted and come up withan accurate output. 

With technology dominating all sectors in the world, AI’s  role has become fundamental.

Even the simplest of information like

    • The time it takes to arrive at a destination
    • Or the next song in the queue can be known via AI and Machine Learning algorithms

For eg:

    • In the image above, we observe that some enterprises might use data annotation techniques to understand the number of pedestrians while others might use it to understand the car models.

The India Value Proposition

Cost, Infrastructure, Talent and Innovation are the key  areas where India’s competitive edge lies.

Telangana IT minister  quotes: “Data annotation forms a critical part of the AI ecosystem, but isrelatively a low skill job. As a part of vision to expand It economy into rural  areas, we are building a data annotation cluster in rural districts”

The need for data annotation

Data Labelingtakes up 25% of machine learning (ML)  projects !!

One of my colleagues working at MNC had to train a machineto detect defects over the exteriors of a car.

    • With the images available on an open source platform, the ML platform was not able to detect the side, size & type of defects
    • Hence, the entire team of engineers went to different car mechanic shops and took photos of the defects
    • The combination of all of the above led to a successful Machine Learning Project

Let me share yet another instance. In one of my internships,  we were trying to train a machine to detect the amount of calories in an item  of food by just clicking a picture of it. 

Such simple examples show us how data annotation is not as  trivial as it sounds and it certainly has a huge role to play in any ML  project!

With the fast growth of AI in fields such as:

    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Automobiles
    • Telecom
    • E-commerce

The development of data annotation is inevitable. In thenext few years, the country can witness an exponential increase in demand for  this, among establishments

In other words, what BPO industry did for India in the early  2000’s, will Data annotation do it for morden India?

Well, these are early days, However the technology is moving  in the same direction!

Author(s) :
Dr. Archit Shah