“Auxano” defined by greek mythology means “To initiate growth”

We are where the future is. With our vision based on this mantra, we believe that entrepreneurs define the growth of an economy, and where it can be in the future.

Auxano was founded in 2016, by experienced investing professionals and entrepreneurs alongside the group company BellWether Associates, which has been facilitating investments for over a decade.

We are an SEBI CAT-I registered Angel AIF Fund which focuses on early stage technology / innovation driven companies that are uniquely placed to grow.

We look to invest in and partner with committed entrepreneurs that are rearing that share a unique passion in making a difference in the ecosystem.

We believe in building lasting partnerships that drive entrepreneurship, innovation and growth!!


“We build the future with you”

Our philosophy is to be strategic in thinking, with realistic and a planned view of execution.

At the core of everything we do, we believe in the power of great partnerships. We look for the brightest founders and team that show the drive, passion and perseverance to change the world, as we know it. We will add our time, capital and experience to give the venture, the resourceful wings, it deserves!

We also take our responsibility towards our valued investors and other stakeholders, VERY seriously. Our active and hands-on investment approach, enables us to compound capital over the long term to deliver the best outcomes to them.

The growth of an enterprise begins with a small step, and with the right vision, focus driven passion and resources, takes it to newer heights.

It's time to redefine the future together!


  • Growth Stage of Business

  • Scalable Business Model

  • Founding Team

  • Innovative Technology driven

  • Revenue Generating

  • Attractive Valuation


Processes get things done. Systems & processes are an integral part during the journey to achieve the milestones. Auxano believes that doing simple elementary things right is….
The Approach.

Having frameworks right at the beginning pays large dividends when scaling up and attracting investors to the enterprise. With a portfolio across sectors, we look at the enterprise potential, the market it serves, the people running the show – this is elementary ...Right??


Then we work closely in having systems, processes & the intangible in order, which help the enterprise grow over the period.

In the internet information age, everything is out in the open. And we are proud to be associated with our portfolio companies who fulfill a certain need of the larger population.

Welcome to the world of “AUXANO”


We have a strong investment focus on groundbreaking technology products or technology-backed services or processes across consumer, enterprise healthcare and deep technology domains.

  • Enterprise & SaaS
  • Edtech
  • Health Tech/ Genomics
  • Fin Tech
  • Smart Mobility
  • The Emerging Unknown?