First month of being a VC analyst

Jun 17, 2022

When it comes to finding a great job it is really all about marketing yourself. And marketing is all about telling great stories!

It has been exactly one month since I have joined Auxano Capital!!

My journey at this VC started even before I could officially present myself at the Gurgaon office. The moment I was assigned the role of an investment analyst, I was approached by a Founder and his pitch deck(via LinkedIn), which led to me being assigned with the task of creating a thesis and antithesis to be presented at my VC firm on my joining day. This task that was delegated to me, made me comprehend the core essence of the decision making processes, structure and dynamics that surround a VC’s functioning. 

My first day was packed with blended emotions. However, on meeting the team at Auxano and being warmly welcomed into the pack, my anxiousness was calmed. I was given a brief induction, following which I proceeded to present my thesis & antithesis. I was given constructive feedback on my presentation, and was then assigned tasks for the day. 

Moving on to my first week at Auxano - It comprised of assessing Pitch decks each day, and this week  was particularly stimulating for me as I was provided with the opportunity to host an investor meet. I found this quite intimidating at first, but conversing and socializing with the investors, founders and other brilliant minds at the meet was a humbling and insightful experience, one which will have an everlasting impression on me. 

Assessing and analyzing pitch decks became a part of my routine, which involved going through information and analyzing it. This enlightened me on how business principles morph across sectors, and this is also where I clubbed my clinical skills of precision developed from being a doctor, being put into use. Connecting the dots. These analyses have further -

  • helped me expect the unexpected,

  • say more with less, 

  • provide attention to detail and

  • Most importantly, quantify my assumptions.

It was a bit testing to get used to the workload -

  • like assessing pitch decks with a proprietary score sheet, 

  • editing video snippets ( it helps one to to understand the importance of each task and no task is mineral ) 

Another exciting experience was, conducting a podcast with a renowned leader in HR, which was a first for me and the podcast in itself was extremely knowledgeable. 

I slowly progressed to attending weekly team review meetings and was given full ownership of maintaining sheets for incoming deal flows and doing this made me realize the importance of the assembly of all aspects of data. I was also part of the portfolio review calls , which is an important part of governance .  

How a month has passed by ! I can proudly say that I have become a part and parcel of this VC. I understood its workings, values, expectations and more so, the learnings never end. 

Author(s) :
Dr. Archit Shah