• Aug 25, 2022
    Spray and Pray? - A VC’s take on startups approach towards fund raise

    Getting access to capital may not increase the chance of a startup's success as much as getting the right mentorship and guidance would!

  • Jul 15, 2022
    Cracking customer retention through PPIs – III

    This is the third and the last part of the series “Cracking customer retention through Pre-paid instruments (PPIs)”. This blog will go through difficulties that the brands must overcome before integrating PPIs into their ecosystem.

  • Jul 08, 2022
    Cracking customer retention through PPIs - II

    This is the second part of the series “cracking customer retention through Pre-Paid Instruments (PPIs)”. In this blog, we will decipher the dialect behind the recent developments in the PPI landscape.

  • Jul 01, 2022
    Cracking customer retention through PPIs

    This is the first part of the series where we discuss the possibilities the brands can unlock by incorporating Pre-Paid Instruments (PPI) or E-Wallets into their ecosystem.

  • Jun 27, 2022
    Data Annotation: Powering India to the global AI race

    One area of scientific research and innovation that we would like to point out as a key driver of future national competitiveness is artificial intelligence.

  • Jun 17, 2022
    First month of being a VC analyst

    When it comes to finding a great job it is really all about marketing yourself. And marketing is all about telling great stories!

  • Mar 11, 2022
    Building an Investable Company

    While there is a lot of discussion on building an investable business, today we would like to discuss on ‘Building an Investable Company’.

  • Feb 18, 2022
    Thrasio Business: The Emerging Sector in the Startup Ecosystem

    "Acquisition" is a sophisticated term often being associated with large corporates and big business houses. The idea that small businesses with an online presence can also be acquired and multiple such ventures can come under one umbrella company is hard to digest. Thrasio has made it possible in the US and now India is gearing up for it!

  • Feb 04, 2022
    Evaluating Opportunities within a Subscription Economy

    With the introduction of “Subscription Economy” across business models and industries , the majority of startups now are basing their valuations on the subscription charges.

  • Jan 14, 2022
    Most Important Subject ~ MIS For Business

    As every creature in universe talks and share the information to each other in their language either through sensing, speaking or through the gesture, same way the business talks to its owner or its management using numbers, infographics, data comparison drive through MIS which help the business owner to take complicated decision on time to subsist in the market.

  • Dec 11, 2021
    Investor's Lens on the Startup Ecosystem ~ Series Finale

    The following is series finale - where we will have Mr. Brijesh Damodaran, Founding Partner of Auxano Capital, sharing his views on the startup ecosystem from an investor's lens.. Read more to find out !